ADHD is usually first diagnosed in childhood and is characterized by impulsivity, inattention, and sometimes hyperactivity. ADHD can be debilitating due to a struggle to manage basic life demands such as complete homework tasks, concentrate in school or at work, or plan important events in advance. Time management is also a struggle often causing late attendance at school or at important meetings. ADHD often carries on into adulthood causing people to feel hopeless, frustrated, and dissatisfied with life.

Being a Certified ADHD Clinical Services Provider (ADHD-CCSP) I am passionate about working with you by exploring the obstacles that prevent you from living the type of life you want. Exploring obstacles often involves looking at sequences of behaviour that delay wellbeing. For example, if you have a tendency to be late at work we will, step by step, explore what motions you go through in order to be late each day. When people gain insight into the sequences of their behaviour they become more mindful in recognizing at which point they need to intervene in order to change the unhelpful pattern. Recognizing sequences and stopping at specific points in the sequence is paramount in improving ADHD patterns of behaviour.

We will also be exploring areas such as diet, physical activity, length of daily screen time, distractions in your environment, and quality of sleep in order to better understand additional factors responsible for reducing your quality of life. More importantly however, I aim to gain insight into the thoughts and feelings that you attach to the ADHD symptoms. Each person’s ADHD symptoms are unique. By understanding what symptoms you experience, when they first began, when they are stronger versus weaker, and how these patterns affect your wellbeing, we can collaboratively devise a treatment plan that is catered towards your unique needs and goals.