Couples often seek therapy when relationship problems are affecting their mental and physical health. For many couples, participating in couples therapy is a brave and courageous step due to a fear that the therapist may take sides and as a result, leave one partner feeling invalidated and misunderstood. The approach that I use is the Gottman Method Couple Therapy, which involves understanding each partner's inner world, beliefs, and values. I make sure that each partner feels validated and understood in order to create a safe space to share concerns.

The Gottman Method Couple Therapy was founded by Dr's John and Julie Gottman and is an evidence based approach that helps to understand why some couples live healthy lives while others resort to divorce or separation. With over 40 years of research the Gottman Method has proven as highly effective for helping couples build better friendship, manage conflict, improve intimacy, and gain a deeper understanding of their partner's inner world.

I am 1 of 8 certified Gottman Therapists in British Columbia. The therapeutic process largely involves helping couples identify the strengths in their relationship and the areas that need improvement. Often couples who participate in therapy struggle to acknowledge the positive factors that already exist in the relationship. When they realize that positive aspects are already present they gain renewed hope for the future. They also feel motivated to continue engaging in the behaviours that create a healthy bond with their partner. I also offer multiple interventions from the Gottman Method that help couples improve communication skills, as effective communication is a key ingredient to understanding each other's wants, needs, and values.