Trauma is a reaction that individuals have in response to an event that they perceive as overwhelming. Responses to trauma can be so overwhelming that completing daily tasks, such as going to work, or getting out of bed, may be a struggle. A significant symptom of trauma is feeling as if the traumatic event is still happening, sometimes, even years after the event occurred.

In therapy, we go through various stages of trauma work that help clients regain safety and wellbeing. Through experiential exercises clients have the opportunity to re-tell their story in a safe and nonjudgmental environment. I also offer multiple techniques that alleviate anxiety and help "put the brakes on" in case trauma work becomes too overwhelming.

Once clients have strategies to cope with their trauma symptoms, which may include sadness, anger, and/or dissociation, they often experience renewed hope for the future. Additionally, I help clients gain insight into their internal experiences through psychoeducation on the relationship between trauma responses and brain activity.